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This Is Northern New South Wales


Cinemas are great. They draw you into a sensory cocoon, transport you to far off places, fantastical realms and an impossible reality. But they also have a distinct detachment, distancing the audience from the characters, the scenery and the tales being told.

Despite the obvious similarities, immersing yourself in a theatrical performance is an entirely different experience. It is, in some ways, like comparing digital photography to the old school film stuff; you can capture exactly the same scene, but the former is only ever a digitised representation of reality, whereas the latter is a physical, chemical reaction to the very light occurring in that split second.


The acclaimed Northern Rivers Performing Arts company (NORPA) this week announces it’s 2014 season. A diverse collection of plays and performances has been brought together for the seven-month long season, presenting everything from dance and music to drama and circus.

Lismore City Hall plays home to NORPA, the venue presenting the perfect location for an evening of the arts and culture. The recently renovated, state-of-the-art venue incorporates a luxurious 500-seat auditorium, offering delectable treats and refreshments from a fully licensed bar and pop-up diner.

Included in this year’s exceptional calendar of performances are:

Henry V


A young king faces an impossible task. A disillusioned England is left in his hands after the death of his father and, against the odds, he must wage war upon France, overcome attempted assassination and rebuild the morale of first his soldiers and then his entire country to emerge a respected and revered king.
Brought to NORPA by the Bell Shakespeare Company, Henry V draws on the challenges and traumas of modern warfare, the World Wars, Vietnam, even modern conflicts reflected through the emotional portrayal of brotherhood in the face of adversity. A timeless classic, powerfully interpreted in contemporary context.

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A brilliantly disturbing work, the Shake & Stir Theatre Co. presents a gritty rendition of George Orwell’s classic novel. Set in the some-time-future, Winston Smith fights for an independence that is against the law. In a world where free thought is illegal, Winston battles to sustain a forbidden love which, when discovered by Big Brother, plunges him into a world of mental manipulation through torture, isolation and despair.
Praised as “tripleplusgood” by the Courier Mail, this raw performance is not for the faint of heart, but staggeringly impressive and breathtakingly convincing in its portrayal of a dark and sinister time to come.

Lisa Wilson’s Lake is a manifestation through contemporary dance of the emotional journeys we travel. Reflecting the passions and challenges we endure when guided by the heart, Lake brings a unique collaboration of elements to the stage; the silent expressiveness of dance, the graphic visualisation of film, the dynamic reverberations of sound and, incredibly, the reflections in light and movement of water, the flooded stage becoming a metaphorical physicality of the emotional currents that sweep us up, carry us away and sink us into darkness through romance and its loss.
Spectacular in both concept and performance, Lake is a theatrical experience like no other.

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My Radio Heart


Written and directed by Rosie Dennis, My Radio Heart is celebrated as one of NORPA‘s most ambitious projects to date. A fusion of live performance, cinematic audio visuals and a passionate punk rock and electronica soundtrack, My Radio Heart is the tale of one man’s journey through life, love and the discovery of the self. Bringing together mixed ability actors in a story inspired by superheroes and the absorption into technological fantasy, NORPA has crossed boundaries with a competent grace, and with stunning results.

As well as offering advanced ticket sales for all performances – highly recommended given their exceptional popularity – NORPA gives it’s guests the opportunity to become a NORPA subscriber. Simply by purchasing advance tickets to three events, NORPA offers subscribers exclusive offers, including Q&A events with actors, savings on tickets purchases and the chance to win tickets to regional events including the Byron Bay Film Festival or the Boomerang Festival.

For further information on NORPA‘s stunning season-to-come, to purchase tickets or to become a subscriber, visit their website at: – it’s just like the cinema – but real.