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This Is Northern New South Wales

Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach – Watch Video

The weather is filled with Grey, which makes one think…

A week ago today saw the Byron Bay community farewell Joni Sternbach, a photographer from Brooklyn whom specialised in a process of photography called Wet-Collodion. She was in Byron Bay for 6 weeks, in conjunction with the Art Park Artist Residency Program.

For those whom got to experience this, it was one of the most personal, intimate and rewarding forms of moment capture one could experience. Joni would bring her late 18th-century camera down to the beach, accompanied by a dark-room box (thanks to Craig Tuffin), where she would develop the photos right there on the beach. The whole process is almost theatrical, as on-lookers come in for a closer look, whilst the subjects are overawed by an array of emotions.

Today we would like to say thankyou to Joni for being a part of our community for those few weeks. To watch a video on Joni and her photography, click here. For more photos click here.



Joni Sternbach – Photographer from Johnny Abegg Films on Vimeo.


Candice Briggs – Joni Sternbach

David Rastovich – Joni Sternbach

Max and Kazzie – Joni Sternbach