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This Is Northern New South Wales

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The Chandelier of Lost and Broken

Driving out of “Silver City” (Broken Hill) late one afternoon, Ilona Harker started thinking about jewellery. Jewellery that had been lost, jewellery that was broken, little trinkets that she had found, things that she had left in different places, pieces that had been taken from… Read More »The Chandelier of Lost and Broken


Entries are now officially open for the 2014 Byron Bay Surf Festvail Surf Shorts Film Comp presented by GoPro. The increasingly prized key event is expected to draw many trailblazing filmmakers, of every age and background, from around the world. A new voting system has been designed to give film… Read More »CALLING ALL FILMMAKERS


Beads of salt water slowly form at the tips of Jessica’s still-wet hair, a mug of coffee steams gently, her shivering hands clutched tightly around it, desperately trying to leech what heat they can to regain their warmth. Fresh from the early Winter’s morning waves,… Read More »JESSICA COX: THE SIREN’S CALL


When you think hip-hop certain unavoidable connotations arise. Stereotypes infiltrate your mind’s eye, and mind’s ear, with everything from gold chains and pristine Adidas sneakers to lyrics rich in poppin’ caps, intimate relations with the law enforcement and an over-healthy fascination with female dogs. It… Read More »ILLY: GROUNDED & RISING