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100 Wells for Ethiopia


“I never thought I’d visit Ethiopia, a landlocked country. The people I met there were some of the most courageous and beautiful people I’ve ever had the chance to come in contact with. Clean water is something that many of us take for granted but is essential to every aspect of life.” – Taylor Steele.

If the surfing world joins forces, they could be one big family creating projects that make a difference worldwide. Taylor Steele (who currently lives in Byron Bay), whilst visiting the Hawaiian North Shore in Winter, had his daughter befriend the neighbour’s son Kingston, one of 2 adopted children from Ethiopia by Steve and Pam Thorne of The Smile Generation.

The Thorne’s are big supporters of charity: water. A non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. They invited Taylor to document a trip to Ethiopia to provide clean water to remote villages.

A seasoned traveler and highly accomplished filmmaker, Taylor wanted to show an intimate glimpse of the daily life of the women and children who walk for hours every day, with unimaginable weight on their backs to find dirty water. With the simple installation of a well in a village, fresh water allows families to thrive and health and education are improved immeasurably. He also brought back one of the 20kg canisters to remind him of their plight.

Local musician MT WARNING accompanied Taylor to score the film, and the result is a beautiful record of how vital it is to have clean water. Enjoy the film below.


Taylor and his wife Sybil are now aiming to raise $10,000 to fund a well to be dedicated to Andy Irons, his wife Lyndie and son Axel –

Alternatively visit the Smile Generation “100 Wells for Ethiopia” page –