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This Is Northern New South Wales

A quick getaway…

This Morning : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Watching as the sun rose this morning, I was thinking…

Driving. As the sun rises, kangaroos escape into the trees as we head north, or south of Byron Bay. A quick getaway.

Walking along a secluded beach, as we anticipate what the ocean has to offer. As a surfer, a getaway is always driven by wave quality, an indicator of how much “stoke” we derive from being on a foreign shore.

Clean. Sunshine. Friends enjoy the calmer side of a moderate swell, chatting and laughing, sharing boards, trimming along a clean face. The joy of friendship in the one space.

Enjoy your day!

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Anticipation : Quick Getaway – Photo : Eric Mackenzie

Hone : Quick Getaway : Buy Print

Test Pilot : Quick Getaway : Buy Print

Banana : Quick Getaway : Buy Print

Running : Quick Getaway – Photo : JOGGLY

Jive : Quick Getaway : Buy Print

Ride : Quick Getaway
– Photo : Eric Mackenzie