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This Is Northern New South Wales

An early banana catches the wave

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Or as the famous term goes, “the early bird catches the worm”.

This morning. Surfing water’s of 27 degrees. The sun barely rising above the horizon. Three great buddies, “Joggly“, Charly and his brother Luke where the first guys onto this morning’s swell, well before there’s any light or any people. They are good guy’s to be around (if you can catch them). Hooting each other onto set waves, smiling and laughing, searching out uncrowded headlands and having a great time being a surfer. There constant smiles probably comes from how many more uncrowded waves they get than most!

Joggly” also takes daily photo’s of his mates with his trusty waterproof camera.

One swell that sticks out in our mind was in mid January, HUGE swell bombarded Cape Byron and Luke was one of the gladiators on the biggest wave of the swell (click here to see Soul Arch‘s photo’s). Unbelievable.

So if you see the boys in the waves… make sure you share. Enjoy your weekend’s in the ocean.


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Leaving it for the crowd