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This Is Northern New South Wales


Cars. To some cars are simply modes of transport; to others they are an indulgence, a passion, a pride and joy. Cars shape our urban landscape; they are a metal statement from their year of manufacture, they document time, fashion and technology. A car speaks volumes about their owners, present and past.

Cars play leading roles in life’s significant events. We are born; the family car ensures our safe passage from hospital to home in the hands of a nervous parent. In cars we travel, love, laugh, argue, curse and cry.

I am not a mechanically minded creature, but I have a great appreciation of older cars, their styling, engine notes, simplicity and that old car smell. Evidence they were created in a time when the world was less complicated.

My view of photography is quite similar. The majority of classical photographs throughout history have been captured using very simple tools. I believe that photography is about thought and observation ahead of the value and range of your equipment. Subsequently, I often adopt a less is more approach to my work – this collection of images captured using a standard 50mm, f1.4.

This is a study of cars, their form, texture and historical significance. The relationship they have with landscape and community and my personal belief that we should embrace and appreciate simplicity.

Words and Photos by Heath Missen. So see more of Heath’s creative prowess, visit his facebook page: