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CG Support Fund Wrap Up

It is quite fitting that it is this time of year that we get to update you as to the activities of the CG Community Support Fund… Yes, it has taken quite a time for funds to be dispersed, however as was the nature of the circumstances at hand, this was new ground for the Postman’s Ridge (Lockyer Valley) Community. We just needed to be patient and supportive.

The Lockyer Valley
Approximately $12,000 has been donated to the Postman’s Ridge Recovery Tractor Group. (there are additional funds – however this is yet to be cleared) It is with thanks to Terri-Anne McLachlan that I have been correctly informed as to how this concept evolved as a Community Project. (Let me inform you that Terri-Anne is a driving force in the Postman’s Ridge Community and the backbone to this project)

* Postman’s Ridge Community Meetings are organised.
* For 8 months meetings were held to identify the needs of the community. This was done with community members, the Mayor and two police liaison officers.
* The concept of the Communal Tractor was born as people lost tractor’s, ride on’s, farm equipment, tools, fences etc in the floods. Something practical was necessary to get the community back on its feet.
* A tractor was purchased from Vanderfield Pty Ltd (Gatton) from the funds donated to the project. It has a 3-in-1 Bucket, Slasher, Post Hole Digger and a Stick Rake. In addition, a purpose built trailer has been purchased thanks to the Rotary in Toowoomba. The Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) also aided in the collection and processing of the initial funds as “we did not have a community group at the time”.
* The Postman’s Ridge Recovery Tractor Group has since been formed. The group is auspiced by the Helidon Hill’s & Murphy’s Creek Landcare.
The Recovery Group continues to operate today and get on with the job of supporting its community.

Terri-Anne summed in it up quite nicely, “This provides a wonderful low cost way for the residents to get in and fix their private property; fencing, drive ways, slashing etc and not to mention – pulling a now tight community together, as they now have a group and the day-to-day operations of running it – sooo a great community project !!!”

In addition to the above Common Ground still has funds that will be donated to the Withcott State Primary School. (At the request of the donator.) This will occur when school resumes in the new year.

1. QCWA –
2. Toowoomba Rotary –
3. Helidon Hill’s & Murphy’s Creek Landcare –
4. Vanderfield Pty Ltd –

Byron Bay Schoolies HUB 2011
On a note closer to home, Common Ground sponsored The Biocup Initiative at the Byron Schoolies Safety Response HUB this November/December. (Keeping the Schoolies youth hydrated).

As quoted by Nicqui Yazdi (HUB Organiser), “One of the things that concerned us as good environmentalists, was the amount of plastic rubbish that the water cups created, so we really wanted to change that this year, thanks to sponsorship, we did. Instead of thousands and thousands of plastic cups going into ground fill, all of the unbleached BioPak paper BioCups will be 100% recycled by the Byron Herb Nursery and the Byron Movement.

The “Cup of Life” Project – To assist in this process of ‘going back’ to growing our own food, The Byron Movement has set up the “Cup of Life” project. This project uses recycled biodegradable ‘Biocups’ to plant fruit trees and aims to plant as many as possible. By planting trees we are freed from being chained to the supermarket.

The Byron Bay Herb Nursery prepares the plants in the cups, where people with disabilities work with much joy. The fruit tree seedlings are then taken back to cooperating shops, or so called ‘Earth Centres’, where the trees are sold to the public. This creates a recycling solution, whilst connecting people to the Earth andencouraging everyone to plant food.

1. Byron Schoolies Safety Response: ,
2. Cup-of Life Project –
3. Byron Movement –
4. Byron Herb Nursery –
5. BioPak Paper BioCups –

Common Ground would like to give thanks to all those that have donated and contributed to the Community Support Fund. We will keep you updated as to where funds are being distributed and what community projects are being supported.

As with any community project there are always the unnamed faces behind the cause. I think its prudent that we just take a moment to give thanks to those members of their respective communities that give their time so readily and make things happen.