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This Is Northern New South Wales

Julian and the Depth

As a surfer, beachgoer, swimmer, fisherman… one always wonders what really lurks deep within the ocean. And as you look out to those twin peaks you’ll see wandering the shores of Main Beach. It’s a fairytale land of Atlantis out there, when you dive deep within the depths of our friend Julian…

Julian Rocks is one of the worlds most beautiful dive spots. A classified Marine Park, Julian Rocks region is home to over 1000 marine species including wobbegongs, rays, turtles, fish, nudibranchs and many more. A far bigger population is loving out there, even when Byron is in the height of it’s Summer buzz.

It is an aggregation site for the endangered Grey Nurse Sharks, Carcharias taurus, who visit in winter. Leopard sharks visit Julian Rocks over summer. This is where warm and cool waters meet, hence the enormous biodiversity. These photos thanks to Mark Grey of Sundive Byron Bay capture it’s essence.

If you want to win a trip out there, and to experience it for yourself. You have until Monday October 3rd to win an Open Water Dive Course through Common Ground and Sundive Byron Bay. You can ENTER HERE.