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This Is Northern New South Wales

Children of the Tribe

COTT.1.IMG_8281 COTT.2.IMG_7736 COTT.4.IMG_7677 COTT.5.IMG_2037 COTT.7.IMG_7660 COTT.8.IMG_0429 COTT.10.IMG_7870 COTT.12.IMG_0580 COTT.14.IMG_7992 COTT.15.IMG_8161 COTT.17.IMG_0636 COTT.18.IMG_8854 COTT.20.IMG_8674 COTT.21.IMG_8995 COTT.22.IMG_9114 COTT.24.IMG_8709 COTT.25.IMG_7655 COTT.26.IMG_9308 COTT.27.IMG_9351One of the things about living in a town as visually iconic as Byron Bay, is that every inch of it has been photographed a million times. So you could imagine my surprise (and envy!) when I saw this shoot! Where? Where? How? Where? Normally, you can’t take a picture in Byron Bay without some element of tropical green sneaking into the shot –  but here we are, dazzled by dry, creamy tones of a cracked river-bed desert scape I never thought possible in our lush and subtropical surrounds.Take these creamy tones and set them against the latest Children of the Tribe collection of vibrant 70s-esque snake print, lilacs, aztec print and chambray, and I can’t help but begin to covet this collection for my little ones, and wonder when my little boy will grow into that ever-so-gorgeous chambray shirt and slouchy pant ensemble…
Children of the Tribe @childrenofthetribe
Photography @davidhauserman
Styling @lexweinstein_
Hats @fallenbrokenstreet
Jewellery @republicofyou
Dreamcatchers @dawnwolfdreamer
Props @heathsoldwares
Children: Kaia & Marley