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This Is Northern New South Wales

Falls Festival – Fashion wrapped up

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Where there’s a festival there’s fashion!

The unavoidable side-effect to attending a festival is that people dress to impress, or just plain get attention.

Walking around I observed many of the punters being creative when they dressed, or simply just were wearing anything (or nothing) that would keep them cool in the heat that we experienced over the festival!

There was a lot of colour this year and it was fantastic

Fashion essentials for the lads:
Tie dyed fluro shirt
Round sunnies
70’s inspired button up shirts
Cut off tees and singlets Long hair
Felt fedora

Fashion essentials for the ladies:
Braids/Corn Rows
Round sunnies
Flash tattoos (shiny tattoos) Bindis, diamantes, facial glitter and sparkle
Cropped tops : bras as tops, bikinis as tops, mid drift out there!
Fringed anything! A

s usual there was a mix of the bohemian, the bright and the outright bold, especially on New Years Eve when the “under sea disco” theme came out in force (there were a few men dressed as The Little Mermaid ) and a lot of fairy lights adorned around people’s outfits (the future is HERE!)

It’s refreshing to see people get into the spirit and express themselves in ways they might not if it wasn’t a festival. Adding that few more necklaces, wearing bright and clashing patterns, adorning their face with sparkles, and even cross dressing!

Well done Falls attendees, you definitely embodied the mantra “dress to express”!

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