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This Is Northern New South Wales


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Nestled in the beachside enclave of Suffolk Park is Fly Me 2 The Moon, a visual and aural wonderland of locally crafted treasures, pre-loved pieces, and exotic gifts sourced from all corners of the globe.

Owner Alexandra Downer and Manager Georgina Sangster have created a space that instantly captivates your senses the moment you walk through the door.

“Our store is visually amazing and worth a trip to Suffolk just to see for yourself,” Georgina says.

With a friendship that dates back to kindergarten – “We were great friends then and still are decades later” – this enterprising duo has channelled the love they have for each other into a shared affection for all things unique, memorable and whimsical.

Design Course graduate Alexandra teamed up with Georgina after The Urban in Bangalow, which she owned and ran for 8 years, was razed by fire in December 2010.

“We chose Suffolk Park because it is a vibrant, happy, happening community that doesn’t feel overwhelmed with tourists like Byron does in the high season,” Georgina explains. “Here you always retain the normality of your community links.”

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Describing Fly Me 2 The Moon as a “fun and unpretentious destination store”, the duo have meticulously sourced 80 different lifestyle brands culminating in over 2000 items.

“We try to find products that are timeless and that you can hand down to your children,” Alexandra explains. “Treasured objects that have a story about the artisan or the region where they were born.”

Not only will you find a stunning range of exotic pieces like dyed Turkish rugs or juju hats traditionally worn by royal dancers in Cameroon, but also an extensive collection of items inspired by the surrounding environment.

“Using local artists who embrace the land and the people of Byron is a must,” she says. “To be able to have these authentic pieces in your own home is a little bit of memory heaven if you are a visitor to Byron Shire.”

Among the locally made treasure trove are Barbara Carmichael, Simon Harriott, and Shelaigh Rose artworks; Dear Daisy and Hilary Herman stationery; Subtle Finish Mirrors; VLMCC jewellery; and Yatree sheets and bedwear, to name only a few.

“It is such a joy to be able to support these amazing artists,” they say in unison.

Alexandra and Georgina are as passionate about the environment as they are about sourcing beautiful keepsakes, a core mantra that infuses every business decision from the ground up.

“We’d prefer to be part of the solution than part of the problem and to assist us, we have an environmental policy that ensures many of our internal processes help to reduce carbon emissions,” Alexandra explains.

“Furthermore, we contribute to lowcarbº, a terrific new programme that ensures CO2 emissions are offset with every transaction. These days, people want an easy, inexpensive and automatic way to do their bit for the environment and lowcarbº provides exactly that. We really think about our store, how it operates, what it promotes, and how it impacts our planet. It’s just another way our customers benefit from the experience.”

Fly Me 2 The Moon

Suffolk Park Shopping Centre

Shop 12, 1 Clifford Street

Suffolk Park NSW 2481

02 6685 4981

Opening hours are – Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm, Saturday 9.30am to 4pm, Sunday 10.30am to 4pm

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