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This Is Northern New South Wales

Ocean Mountains

Suffolk Sunset : Photo – Alexander Frings

Winter is here and so it begins.

But before we begin, we had the most incredible swell hit Byron Bay over the weekend. Big, awe inspiring waves shook the ground while different surfing breaks offered ranging degrees of difficulty. We think these photos tell the story.

There was also an incredible amount of action at our northern neighbour of Brunswick Heads, click here to see the incredible photos.

On another note, it’s the beginning of shorter days, warmer meals, and small gatherings around a pot-belly stove. Thickened doonas and hot cups of teas, curries and grounding meals. Winter is magic in all the ways we need it to be, a welcome break to snuggle up tight and enjoy the chill.


Inside View : Photo – Alexander Frings

BIG Tallows : Byron Bay

Secret Spot : Byron Bay