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Filmmaker Profile – Macauley Rae


One trip to Coffs Harbour with Filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, I was invited to stay with him at “The Rae’s”. Arriving at this beautiful home south of the Big Banana, I was greeted by Nathan and his beautiful family, and a young fellow named Macaulay Rae minus the rest of the Rae family. I’d been welcomed into a house by a family I’d never met. Rare these days.

Over the coming days, Mac and his big young 18-year-old smile showed us around some of the beautiful surfing treasures he had on his doorstep. It was an amazing trip.

A year or so later, Mac tagged along with Nathan Oldfield to finish filming for his soon to be third surf flick “The Heart & The Sea“. Mac quietly filmed moments in the peripherals, whilst being a gem at taking care of himself at our small country home, and cleaning the dishes post meal. My fiancé couldn’t believe this boys manners.

Recently Mac emailed me the visual results of his quiet demeanour of that trip. I was blown away. So much talent for such a young spirit. I felt the need to interview him and give him a good pat on the back. The least I could do, not just for talented filmmaking, but for just being a great guy.

Additional Pics by Nathan Oldfield –
Words and Interview by Johnny Abegg –


How did you find yourself behind the lens?
In late 2011 I had to create a short film at school for year 11 Visual Arts. I used any camera I could get my hands on and was borrowing school tripods and editing with iMovie. It was from then my keenness for filming and photography grew, I was researching, reading and pulling information out of anyone I could. It was the start of a new hobby.

It was also around this time my birthday came along so I cut a deal with mum and dad for a camera. I bought the lenses, batteries and cards, mum and dad purchased the body. From then on I started experimenting.

Mr Nathan Oldfield seems to be a great role model in your filmmaking, how has his creativity effected yours?
Nathan is always thinking about beautiful concepts, people and things to film. In that aspect he has taught me to always be conscious of my surroundings, to constantly scout new angles and to explore new ideas. Honesty is another quality that Nathan has always portrayed throughout his works, and for me, within Sea Stories, this is a particular attribute that I try to display within the surfers I have chosen.

Are you going to keep it up?
I think that I will always enjoy shooting and creating new things, so I will definitely keep it up. I believe my passion for filming is now a big part of my life. There is so much yet to learn and I am super-pumped to soak up new knowledge and test it out.

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How was it working with surfer Belinda Baggs on her ‘Sea Story”?

Belinda is a beautiful human; she was really easy to work with and super encouraging. The waves were pumping during the shoot and there were plenty around, even for me! Also, there was definitely a special friendship formed with Belinda, Adam and Rayson during the creation of Belinda’s Sea Story. They are wonderful and honest people, who have really inspiring me.
What’s in the pipeline creatively for you?
Well, for now I am going to focus on the production of a Sea Story monthly. I am stoked on them: I’m learning a lot, meeting beautiful people and having fun. I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me!

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Macauley is a young 18 year old surfer and filmmaker. He currently lives on the Coffs Coast NSW where he completed year 12 last year and is now attending University. 


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