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This Is Northern New South Wales

Introducing Amari Swann

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I first got into photography when I was 13, we were given an assignment in school and I decided that for the project, I would take photographs. Before that point, I had never even considered photography as a hobby much less a career, but from then on, I was in love with it.

I am fascinated at the power a camera and it’s photographer possesses, the power to capture moments, to create them, it’s just such an amazing thing. There is so much beauty around me, in people and in places and the ability to capture them, accentuate them and immortalise them in a photograph is something I find truly magical.

I have always had a wild imagination but have never really known how to express it but when I picked that camera for the first time, I realised that was it, photography was a way in which could finally express myself and create. Taking photographs is like living in your own world, it is all about the imagination, the narratives and bringing those fantasies and dreams to life. Photography is the ability to show everyone the world through your eyes, whether it’s a model in a dress, or a friend laughing, photography allows you to capture and record moments and that’s what makes it amazing.

And it’s for this reason photography is my passion, because it allows me to run with my imagination and explore and create something that is full of beauty and wonder that I can then share with others but it also allows me to document my life in a moment, or the lives of other peoples through an expression or a feeling. It is a truly incredible artform and I am so excited to continue growing and learning through it, and hope to one day make a career of it.

Amari is a student at Cape Byron Steiner School and recently tied first place with Jacob Clarke (also a student at Cape Byron Steiner) in the Byron Youth Service “Snap” Photography competition.