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This Is Northern New South Wales

Introducing Brad Razz


Hi, My name is Brad Razz, I’m a coastal culture photographer who is based in the picturesque Ballina hinterland and I have been photographing the North Coast seascape for many years. Married and a father of a little three-year-old boy, I can be found with my beach loving family at numerous locations along the stunning Ballina and Byron Bay Shire coastlines.

A coastal lifestyle has always played a major role in my life, having grown up as a local lifeguard and surfer has allowed me to develop a deep respect for our marine animals and pristine beaches. I have a strong affinity with water and over the years, I have spent so much time in the ocean which has allowed me to witness many wonders of the sea. Photography has always played a special part in my entire life and given me the opportunity to share amazing oceanic moments with the wider community.

I’m obsessed with taking photos of breaking waves, capturing the colour of the ocean water plus photographing the unique finer details of our North Coast beaches, both above and below the water’s surface. The local Pandanus tree species that line our shorelines is also a favourite coastal subject, simply due to their incredible natural architecture, which I also specialise in taking photos of. I have found that people appreciate the vibrancy in colour of my images, relate personally through their own coastal experiences to the type of photos that I take and thoroughly enjoy the different perspective I bring to favourite local ‘beach hangs’.

For me, coastal culture photography has always been about maintaining a special connection with the natural marine environment. It has also allowed me to express the strong appreciation I have and promotion of our beautiful Northern Rivers coastline, which I am lucky enough to have always called home. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of capturing images of the natural beauty of our ever changing seascape and hope that my photos create a greater respect and awareness of our fragile coastal environments.

So if you see me swimming amongst the waves with my GoPro and GoDome in hand, my Canon and tripod set up somewhere along the shoreline or hanging from a Pandanus tree to get that crazy angle, come say G’day. Or you can see more of my work at and @bradrazz on my Instagram page.

Enjoy my view!