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This Is Northern New South Wales

INtroducing Nicola and Jacob

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A few weeks ago I met Jacob and Nicola……actually, to tell the truth a few weeks ago one of my closest girlfriends was visiting me from Paris, and I was on my way to shoot Tommy “Dancing Man” Franklin dalk his way to The Pass and back. On our way to the beach…with Tommy in the car …I was stalking a couple with my camera…he on a skateboard, she on Roller Skates. A few weeks later I met them again at the main beach and gave them my contact details so I could send the pictures. Yesterday I was sent the photo featured above. They had me. This photo speaks volumes of the love that these two share. Here is Jacob and Nicola’s story and a few more photo’s taken the night of the Lunar Eclipse last week at The Lighthouse.

In Jacob’s words…….

Nicola grew up in Singleton and myself in Terranora. We both met and became friends working together at Draculas on The Gold Coast scaring the shit out of people daily, it was awesome. She always stayed in touch when I left Draculas after only two months. She is the best fun girl I know. She always included me whenever there was a party or festival regardless of the distance we lived apart. She just made me feel fantastic always as a friend. She always had a boyfriend while I knew her and that’s why I respected her. However, one day he decided that he was giving up on loving her, just quit…. and no way was she going to wait around, so she called me up seeking someone to talk to and then started licking my ear and it felt so good that I had to retaliate……and back and forth. Nic moved from the Gold Coast, leaving her Job and few close friends behind to start a new life. A Byron Life.. with Me. Us. Two become One.

Our passions involve wheels. Skating, Riding, Skating but mainly Skating. Nic is a keen Roller Derby Fledgling while I just ride my long board to get to where I need to be. I’ve taught her how to do that too after piecing a board together from my old ones.

Taking Long exposure shots at night is another of our hobbies. The Stars shine right in, we light ourselves up in various illuminitive -I just made up a word…..ways and strike a pose. Some turn out silly. Some turn out magnificent. I’m am proud to share them with you. This is the first camera I’ve owned and its been tricky to figure out its many functions over this last year. Luckily my best friend Nic has the know-how and creative flair to put it to good use.