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Michael Cundith’s Stubbie Revealed!

“Michael Cundith’s Stubbie Revealed” is an insight into the story of MC Surf Designs shaper/surfer Michael Cundith, and the evolution of the “Stubbie” surfboard. The film is Directed by Alasdair Shurman and the late Jonno Howell. Since Jonno’s passing, Alasdair and filmmaker Harry Triglone have dug deep and finished the short film that they all started together.

The “Stubbie” first came to fruition through Michael’s good friend, George Greenough in 1962. It was originally designed as a kneeboard by George out of balsa-wood, until the boys began to ride it as a surfboard in 1967. The original “Stubbie” dimensions were 5’10” by 21 inches wide and 2′ 1/2 thick.

One day back in California, Michael came across George’s “Stubbie”, which had been left in the garage. Michael asked George if he would make a foam model with George replying; “You can make it MC, your a shaper”! So Michael continued where George left off and made the Greenough “Stubbie” into a household name in America.

“MC” grew up surfing the waves of “The Ranch”, a 30km stretch of coastline in California which houses a series of world-class waves. he lived in a run-down old shack, surfed his brains out everyday, whilst running a “Real Surf Shop” called “Wilderness”. Eventually the Ranch got bitten by the dollar, but you’ll have to watch the video above to find out the rest of the story, and how Michael Cundith ended up moving out here to Byron Bay.

Michael now runs MC Surf Designs in the Byron Industrial Estate with his wife Toshi. Their son Gene can be seen out in the waves constantly tearing it up. You can find out more about MC Surf Designs through the Common Ground Local Business Directory.