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This Is Northern New South Wales

People to know – Leigh Dowling

Just out of Byron there is a patch where paper bark trees stand tall, ferns fill the gaps in-between tree trunks. The sun was sinking when Leigh and I drove there, light leaked through the leaves throwing uneven shadows across the ground.

Who is Leigh Dowling?

Strolling through the mellow streets of Byron Bay is where you might have seen him, but in back room gigs you can find Leigh (also known as fish) being the obnoxious front man for local heavy rock band ‘Hammers’. The boys are fresh off the back of their recent tour for new album ‘ Hellions” (available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp). Singing is not his only creative outlet, however; Leigh is also a keenly observant photographer. His style is influenced by the people and world around him, with a distinct connection between his newfound role in parenthood (Leigh and his wife Kim have a one year old daughter) and his ability to ground himself in the moment and enjoy and capture it for what it’s worth.

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