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People to know – Nitsua

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We are big fans of local artist Nitsua, he shared a little about himself with us this week after driving back from Melbourne where he was at Rainbow Serpent Festival and afterwards completed the amazing Bowie mural you will see below.

KP – Claim to fame/day job/hobby/what are you known for?

I’m mainly known for my street art / mural work & furniture design.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.09.36 pm

KP – Is it your passion or just something you do?

Yes its my passion, I’ve come from being stuck behind a computer working as a Graphic Designer for 12 years of my life, which I find myself still doing occasionally otherwise I’d be one of those struggling artists!

KP – What is your greatest career achievement?

Signing a 4 year license agreement with Ken Done in the fashion industry.

KP – How do you give back to your community?

Through my street art, whoever takes it on, I inspire or just smiles when seeing my paintings I’ve just given back to. Also teaching local kids a thing or two on techniques, giving them confidence to really push there work and inspire them.
catsua newtown bowie melburn 2

KP – What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Free living, off the grid, no stress & of course keeping on doing what I’m doing. I’ve often thought wow yeah I really am living the dream.. especially when plans become dreams!

KP – What is your greatest extravagance?

Lately my new VW has served me well, I just drove down to Melbourne for Rainbow serpent in it.. set up with solar, gas, fridge frezzer.. its like my ultimate escape wagon & looks stealth enough to not look like a camper from the out side.

KP – What is your favourite Travel desttination/why?

So far I haven’t really found that destination, for me that ultimate place would be where there is no one, cheap & with some epic waves… The search still continues!

KP – What is your most noticeable characteristic? 

haha, that was my beard.. but now I don’t have that not many people recognise me at all except for my friends that know me well. I dunno.. umm, maybe the scar on my head? Bit of a stand out, otherwise I’ve got I bit of a cryptic walk.. sometimes drag my leg behind me, leave a mark behind me.. you know just the normal earthling activity.

NITSUA john lennon copy
KP – Who is your favourite superhero?

Mathew Silver

KP – Who are your hero’s in real life?

Tommy Franklin. Legit life hero, doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Has always been a huge inspiration to me because of his attitude on life.

KP – What do you value most in your friends?

Having a good understanding, meaningful, placid & peaceful I would say has the biggest value to me.

KP – What is your most treasured possession? 

My life

KP – If you could choose what to come back as what/who would it be?

An Owl. super chill, wise & free

KP – Which words phrases do you overuse?

Department / Oh shieeeat / Pumple Stiltskin / I regret nothing!!

KP – Which living person do you most admire/why?

I think this question is as legit as Q11.

KP – If money was no object what would you do?

Change NOTHING, still keep doing what I’m doing.. probably just paint, surf & skate a lot more. Bin my computer, phone, all things that we are glued to that we don’t really need.
wolf mother gig poster A Sharper Image peace is cheaper NITSUA Earthcore nats van