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Perry Cross – A Class Act

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cooking-with-sam-at-theperry-cross-team-building-cookoff-2The lush, tropical rainforest sways softly on a clear spring day. The resort, resplendent as ever, awaits patiently for the arrival. There are rare times in life when a chance meeting can significantly alter your world and how you choose to see life from that day forward. Perry Cross’s life changing event happened in 1994. From rugby tackle to C2 ventilated quadriplegic on life support in a flicker of fate. He was only 19.

Faced with a life of oblivion, Perry made an immensely courageous choice to get moving. The challenge lay before him, the fight to live, then to talk and eventually to live outside the hospital. With a team of around-the-clock medical carers at his side, Perry’s inspirational healing journey strives to cut a path that leads a united and multi-faceted model for bringing together people with the knowledge, skills, and passion required to find a cure for paralysis.

Cocooned on the deck at the Byron at Byron, crisp linen drapes the cooking stations, set and ready for service. Perry Cross and his mighty, merry men who cater to his needs 24/7 strut, bounce, and wheel into our world like a posse of schoolmates who happily never lost their banter. A unique bond that can only be forged with true teenage mateship.

Inspired by the work of Christopher Reeve, Perry Cross is now the President and Founder of the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation based in Queensland. Perry is a true visionary, humble leader and change maker that the spinal cord injury sector has embraced globally.  The Perry Cross Spinal Research has one main aim, to find a cure for paralysis. Every minute of every day is a challenge for Perry. Perry’s story is about triumph over tragedy, and the purposeful decisions he had to make to push himself harder, higher and better no matter what life threw his way, it is a story that will inspire and encourage. Perry’s motto is simple, and he lives his life by it every day – Everything is possible.

Hosting this boutique culinary event for Perry and crew was a highlight of our 2016 corporate events calendar. Together with Chef Shayna, we happily shared our knowledge of clean eating trends, tips and tricks of the trade so the boys could extend their own repertoire and enhance the flavours of the kitchen at home with Perry.

When it comes to the new wave of health foods and associated activities available on the market, integrity can be as thinly spread as Nutella on a slither of sourdough in a Sunday surcharge saturated seaside cafe. If you lack the X factor – also known as a jolly good dose of authenticity – eventually you’ll be swallowed up by culinary karma faster than you can say lolly gobble bliss bombs.

 “Cooking with the best! We spent the day with Sam at The Byron at Byron cooking and learning from the best in the business. The venue is incredible, set against the lush forest and resort pool, but undoubtedly the highlight is Sam’s choice of the tastiest fresh local produce and her skill to prepare delicious food. Highly recommend, great fun, awesome food!” – PC

At Byron Bay Cooking School we showcase and teach participants to embrace all things seasonal, local, organic and wholefood in dynamic, hands-on classes. The Executive Master Classes are particularly exciting as they offer a unique experience for employees. Participants not only learn new cooking skills but also about working together as a team, building new relationships with colleagues, thinking laterally and at times working outside their comfort zones. And then, of course, they get to enjoy sit down and enjoy their meal together. The sense of achievement at the end of a class is unmistakable.

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