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This Is Northern New South Wales

Pre Spring Smell

Like a moment out of the 1970’s… but this is Byron Bay : Photo – Ben Godfrey

Mild northerly winds. Layers shedding. Toes are coming alive. These strange happenings can only mean one thing… SPRING!

But being a weather know-it-all, I’ll assure you that the succession of 10 straight days of sunshine will be matched with one last call from Winter. A good ol’ fashion southerly buster to remind us that it’s almost the flower blossoming season. Right now it’s bliss and wind chill free.

The water is a picturesque blue of mesmerising clarity. Full length surfer-steamers of rubber are transforming into shorts and vested combinations. I won’t mention what places offer the most pristine ocean environments, because that would giveaway your sense of adventure, and that enjoyment of simply being in the warmth of the yellow circle above.

So if I were you, swing a day off. I’m sure the boss would understand that basking in the sun is a legitimate excuse for your Byron sanity.

Too clear to be true : Photo – PureDrift

Submerged with Hailey-Marie McFadden : Photo – Alex Frings

Sunrise is becoming too early to rise : Photo – Johnny Abegg

Take off that wetsuit : Photo – Trent Dooley

Afternoon roll, with a background stroll : Photo – Ben Godfrey

Kerbside enjoyment : Photo – Johnny Abegg

Chilly toes are refined to the pre-8am hours
: Photo – Johnny Abegg