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This Is Northern New South Wales

Purely Drifting…

Yesterday Afternoon : Photo – Puredrift

There are so many ways to capture the essence of Byron Bay…

And seeing that the surf has taken preference today, we thought we would introduce you to Trent and Laura Dooley, who run a local photography website named PureDrift.

Previously resided on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, they have now moved to Byron Bay. Having visited many other beautiful places traveling around Australia and overseas together, they passionately believe there is no other location they would rather call home than Byron Bay. Six months ago they turned a dream into a reality.

There idea behind PureDrift is to provide like minded people with inspiring photography, and the opportunity to experience the lifestyle in Byron Bay whilst being away, or drooling over Byron Bay from your desk… arrrrgh!

We think they are doing an amazing job. Enjoy the photos, even if it’s hurts.

Sunset Splash : Photo – PureDrift

The Change : Photo – PureDrift

Golden Girl : Photo – PureDrift

The Pass : Photo – PureDrift

Sunset Surfer : Photo – PureDrift