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This Is Northern New South Wales

Stars Align

Stars Align : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

There was some crazy things going on in the sky on the weekend while everyone was sound asleep. Alex Frings got the hot tip off a local and hit the beach super early. Something to do with star alignment and how it only happens once every how ever many years but the result was some amazing photography on Alex’s part.

The sun then made it’s way around to shine on our side of the planet and once again Alex was there to capture some epic waves on the Byron Bay open beaches. A fun weekend session was had, warm water, blues sky and loads of sun!

How was your weekend?


Morning Breaks : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

First Waves : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Brett Caller : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Garth Brien : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Deep Arch : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings

Nick Colbey : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings



Shining Through : Byron Bay : Photo – Alex Frings