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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Byron Holiday

Lets face it, there’s nothing better then a well deserved holiday. For me the best holiday is going home & visiting friends and family. On this occasion I got to meet the newest member of the family.

Byron Bay filled my heart once again, the people, the art, the music. I was fortunate enough to catch up with a local Byron musician by the name of Kyle Lionhart. If you have listened to his music and seen his set, you know how talented this guy is. Except it was no accident seeing Kyle Lionhart & his beautiful fiancé Annebelle, the proud parents of my partners nephew, Iziah.

It’s an exciting time when your sibling’s start having children. One day your thinking that your facebook friends are crazy for having babies, then suddenly your holding this bundle of joy that brings so much happiness to everyone that is fortunate enough to be involved in their lives. Suddenly, I no longer dread growing old. I look forward to having my own “ultimate toy”-a direct quote from Mr Lionhart.

For years I promised myself I would never have kids, because I thought to have a child meant that my dreams would be ruined. I was worried that all the fun would be sucked out of life, and I would be robbed of every penny. I think there is a little bit of stigma in our society about being young parents. To have a baby you’re expected to own a home, have a stable career, and to have travelled the world, all the while hitting the age of 30.

Little Iziah fixed all of this for me. He showed that life is exciting, beautiful and nothing needs to be mapped out. Little Iziah doesn’t take joy and ruin things, all he does is give.

Photos of Byron Bay & surrounding areas

Photos by Jai Long: 

Words by Jai Long & Leelou Leniart