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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Cold of the Sun

Afternoon Jam : Byron Bay : Photo – Puredrift

It’s cloudy today, but at least you can predict the weather.

A week straight of sun-shining skies, but the cold in the shadows lurks close by.  Layers abound under the cool of the trees, to be set free upon our open beaches and in the expose of sunlight.

It’s been a hard weather combination to predict. Looking from inside your homely interior, the blue skies ignite summer’s joy, but the wind from the western ranges soon lets you know that it’s winter, and to keep those socks on the toes.

But luckily today it’s Grey, and a constant cold. Bring back the sun! At least there was a few moments to shine!

Thanks to PureDrift, Carly Brown and Alani Belcher for the ‘shine’ moments.

Cold Sun : Byron Bay : Photo – Carly Brown

Cold’en Brunswick : Photo – Alani Belcher

Entice : Byron Bay : Photo – PureDrift

Cold in the Light : Byron Bay : Photo – Carly Brown

Rising : Byron Bay : Photo – Carly Brown