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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Drive Dusk Dream

Counter Stare : Byron Bay : Buy Print – 270511_1

The wind was strong. The clouds where quicker. The sun was falling.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to go for a drive across the perimeter of the most easterly point. To see our little bubble from afar. The southerly wind blazed through the grass, sunlight dripped over Mt Warning. The cows stared, and horses ate out of your hand.

The windy road of Coopers Shoot, through paddocks and fairy-tales and old mailboxes. A new look into a familiar town. Looking down upon Byron Bay, it’s neck reaches out into the ocean, while the lighthouse waves it’s wonderful wand. One just sits back and wonders, of all the happening in each little house, in each little footstep. Perspective is a wonderfully simple thing.

It makes me marvel that within a moment’s drive of your home, there is a moment of solace. Find it this weekend.

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Northern Warning : Byron Bay : Buy Print – 270511_4

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Drive Dusk Dream : Byron Bay : Buy Print – 270511_1