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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Two Lovers – The Julian Rocks

The Aboriginal legend about the Julian Rocks is a tale of two lovers. The male was from Cavanbah, the female from up the coast – “away”. Her tribe was taboo with Cavanbah and the Elders promised heavy magic upon the two unless they stopped seeing each other. Of course they didn’t, hence the “bone” was pointed at the lovers. The earth began to tremble and the sky filled with fire as the two lovers walked into the ocean holding hands. Giant waves rolled across the bay.

‘In the morning all was tranquil and out in the bay were standing two rocks, symbolising the relationship between man and woman, husband and wife. The ocean of life is swirling all around them. Whilst under the water they are still holding hands joined together as one, providing support to each other at the base, maintaining their individuality on the surface.

A story by Paul Haskew taken from the book “Byron Bay The History, Beauty and Spirit” by Peter Duke – photos Kirra & Jy Pendergast