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This Is Northern New South Wales

Through Ros-y tinted glasses

An interview with local lass Rosy Staunton on her Byron perspective, and her new venture Byron Bay Day Tours.

CG: Rosy how long have you lived in Byron and what do you love best about your town?

RS: I moved to Byron in January 1999 from Bondi. So that’s 13 years….I think? Hmmmm, Im not sure what I love a best love about Byron as my love affairs with Byron regularly change. Some days I love my early morning lighthouse walks that  remind me of what a heavenly place we live in, some days it can be having a jog from The Wreck as the sun is going down along Belongil and I have a little “pinch me please” moment. I also love how small our town is and love that we don’t have traffic jams (not like the big cities) ; It’s not too far to get anywhere you really need to. I love that we have the beaches the hinterland and the eclectic town – we have the lot.

CG: You have two daughters, how has it been seeing your family grow up in a nurturing town such as Byron Bay?

RS: Raising daughters in Byron has been colourful! My girls were full of fantasies growing up of fairies, rainbows, butterflies and magic as you can imagine in this town. Not only was Byron perfect for supporting those themes, but we could go to a market or event and have life size fairies, complete with magic wands (which are quite common) with rainbow clothes and fairy wings all over…..I also love the small town peace and quiet. I love the cafe culture and the overall attitude to a healthier existence, food, exercise and outdoor life style that’s obvious.

CG: You’ve recently started your new business Byron Bay Day Tours, Tell us how did this idea come about?

RS: A number a factors contributed to the creation of Byron Bay Day Tours . I wanted a new job and my own business. I have travelled a lot and know (what I think are) the keys to an easy holiday and the things I find invaluable on holiday. I have been on tours in various countries and often find that I’ve paid to go to places and see things I’m not really interested in. If I could have had a private tour guide to take me to the specific sites and places that I’m interested in and not all the “must see’s” in the town, it would have been priceless. There is nothing worse than being on a bus or boat tour that lasts 4-5 or even 6 hours and you are done after the first hour into it.

I’m providing my clients with a selection of mapped tours as well as a list of sites and they can design their own day to suit their interests…..It’s all about them! Having lived here for 13 years I can help out with a number of other secret facts and surprises this town has available. From where the best coffee is, to the best B.L.T  in town!…..the list is endless.

Q: What is unique about Byron Bay Day Tours, in contrast to say a regular shuttle or transport company?

RS: Private pick ups evolved from arriving in Brisbane after a 26 hour flight from Europe…. I had the shuttle booked…. my flight arrived at 7:30 am, the shuttle didn’t leave until 10:00 am . It then stopped at the domestic airport, went into Brisbane City, went to the Gold Coast Airport, stopped at various locations down the coast and I arrived at my home in Lilli Pilli at 5:30 pm that evening. (It was like adding another international leg to my journey). Exhausting! I would have paid a lot more to come home within two hours. So that’s what my business is about, specialised service and no waiting around for any other schedule – It’s all about you!

CG: One of your service specialties is providing your customers with a window into “The Byron Experience” in as much or as little time as they have available. Where are some of your favourite places that people love to discover?

RS: People love discovering a great cafe …. also the waterfalls in our hinterland take my breath away every time I go there…. hidden little gems we have nestled away ….. People also like the shopping and tiny town tour. There are a number of amazing designers peppered around the shire, quirky cafes and restaurants in our local villages and towns that most tourists never see.

CG: I’ts clear you have really found a positive niche in customer service with Byron Bay Day Tours, what is the best way for interested parties to find out more about your services?

RS: People can find more about Byron Bay Day Tours via the website and Facebook. Oh and for interested parties; during The Splendour In The Grass weekend I am going be providing private shuttles with pick-ups from accommodation saving people having to walk to bus stops etc. I will also be doing airport transfers from Ballina, Gold Coast and even Brisbane where necessary.

To email Rosy directly write to Rosy Staunton at