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This Is Northern New South Wales

To the hills when it rains…

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With shower’s and cloudy skies, it’s off to the hills.

As the drizzle flows down leaves and trees, the sweet smell of rainforest walks, the texture of fresh fruit bought off the side of the road. Life to the west is pure freedom.

One of my favorite little gems is Killen Falls. Located off Friday Hut Road near Fernleigh, the waterfall is settled amidst 2.7 Hectares of sub-tropical rainforest. Killen Falls is a half-hour drive from Byron Bay, and I reckon it’s best when it rains.

There’s plenty of little roads, creeks and waterfalls to explore, so go and get lost and found!

Hinterland : Byron Bay : Kirra Pendergast

Colours : Byron Bay : Kirra Pendergast

Observer : Byron Bay : Kirra Pendergast

Killen Falls : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Shower : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Old is Beautiful : Byron Bay : Buy Print

Swimming Hole : Byron Bay : Buy Print