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This Is Northern New South Wales

To The Tea

There was a time, until relatively recently, that many folk marveled at the innovation of tea in convenient, easy-to-dangle bags. “It’s tea! In a bag!”. And ever since, in a sense, the little leaf has been bastardised. Commercialised and totally sold out.

To drink tea without some ritual or ceremony is kind of like listening to bad music through one earphone.

The best way to enjoy Chinese Tea is when it’s prepared in the traditional ceremonial way. We’re lucky in Byron Bay. At Starseed, in our own private local pocket called Skinners Shoot, there exists an amazing space called the Lotus Tea House, where kind souls gather to spill water and soak leaves, share stories and partake in a simple ritual… a human rite that doesn’t occur enough in fast paced environs.

In a small group, you’re introduced to the delicacies of exotic tisanes like High Mountain Oolong or Silver Needles White Tea whilst being guided through the different tastes, smells and qualities of tea. The chance to slow down, imbibe and appreciate such a simple pleasure is, understandably, what so many people in hectic situations seek.

And here we have it in our own backyard.

Let’s drink to that.

Words and Photos by Nigel Carboon –