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This Is Northern New South Wales

Exploration South

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Sometimes it’s good to getaway…

Just a few weeks ago, shortly before an arriving swell, I got a call from local surfer Nick Colbey (who has moved to Sydney for some strange reason), inviting me to join him on a 3 day adventure south of Sydney. Tickets were booked instantly and not even 24 hours later I found myself sitting on a plane, excited to explore a region I had never been or seen before.

Air temperature around 3° centigrade, cold water, gnarly reefs, rock ledges and long hikes made for an awesome experience. It also made me realise how mellow and easy Byron Bay is. Down there not so much. The rewards on the other hand… HUGE. Countless first class breaks all to yourself.

This is just a little teaser of the images Alex Frings and Nick Colbey scored from their trip. More can be found here –