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This Is Northern New South Wales

Unsung Heroes Project


Donny’s a local legend who goes the extra mile that most of us just think about: cleaning up our streets for nothing but love.

He is homeless but tirelessly chooses to give back to the community, with a wheelie bin and a heart of gold unpaid and without request, Donny’s a part-time self-made community volunteer possessing the most admirable of generous souls that are far too rare to go unnoticed.

All the elements you could ask for are in his glance. Worry, pain, history, pride, questioning, humour, a crowded mind but peaceful and knowing personifying the bittersweet flavour of life, wrapped up in humility and infused with an subtle but cheeky wild side.

Local artist Eli Ashcroft has started the Unsung Heroes Project to draw attention to those in our community who give unconditionally. He is painting a series of portraits of the Unsung Heroes, using German clay-based non-toxic paints and oil pastels on a sustainable eco board. The artwork is reflective of Donny’s wild and beautifully layered character.

The original painting or limited edition prints are for sale on Eli’s website 15% of the proceeds go to the Unsung Hero. The portrait of Donny is currently on display in the foyer of The Byron Bay Community Centre.

DSC_1108 DSC_1116