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This Is Northern New South Wales

Whale Breach!

Our man Joggly captured this amazing sequence yesterday of a Whale in full breach, whilst having a morning surf.

So here is a bit of information on your big friendly giant of the sea…

The journey of the Humpback whale starts around April in the Antarctic waters where, after a summer of feeding on Krill, these magnificent creatures begin their migration north up the east coast of Australia to the warm sub-tropical waters of North Queensland where they mate and give birth.

During their annual migration of around 10,000km they attract 1000’s of spectators along the way at key vantage points – Byron Bay being one of the major viewing spots.

The timing of the migration period varies every year depending on a number of factors such as water temperature, predators, sea ice, food supply and location of feeding grounds.

Most humpbacks migrate north between June and August, returning to the Southern Ocean between September and November… READ MORE

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