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This Is Northern New South Wales

Wild Food Feast

The Wild Food Feast was the amalgamation of a few good intentions and two inspired souls. Lealah Shostak of Byron High and Sofi Krige, a few years her senior, met synchronistically at a café, as it happens in Byron. Their initial goal was to fundraise for solar panels for the Mullum Civic Hall. What eventuated was an educational Wild Food Feast with soothing music hosted in a community garden space, especially created for the event.

With the unshakable support of the Byron Movement the event was set in motion. Potato Potato and Life Line, two incredible high school bands, were asked to play. They graciously accepted. As did the soothing Kit Bray and the moving 4 piece, Kindling. Ok, that’s the music component sorted… Now for the Wild Food…

Peter Hardwick was the man for the job. With bubbling enthusiasm and information to boot, Peter would woo the crowds and empower them with knowledge of the incredible edibles found in the ‘burbs. From wildly medicinal weeds to nutritional natives, there is an abundance of food around us right now. Revolutionary stuff.

And, as the icing on the cake, the event was be held in a community garden space. A space were people can commune, munch on abundant greens and be inspired by some new ways of growing food, particularly in an urban environment. The Byron Movement Community Garden is behind the Double Basement, next to the railway tracks…Go over and check it out!

Thus it happened, the Wild Food Feast flourished. The community came together to learn, listen and enjoy one another. They were moved by music, bewildered by wild foods and completed by the prospect of a community garden.

By coming together, believing in themselves and intending to do good, the girls raised $1500 for solar panels for one of our community buildings. A real success in the eyes of Sofi and Lealah!

Stay tuned to the Byron Movement for upcoming events in the garden space. Workshop learning is on the agenda!
Words by Sofi photos with thanks to Koby Hagenfelds