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Paleo Health Retreat


Despite coming into the fore more than 30 years ago, the Paleo Diet continues to stir controversy and attract heated debate from nutritionists to anthropologists. Otherwise known as the “caveman diet” or “hunter-gatherer diet”, the popular nutritional plan is grounded in the belief that humans are genetically predisposed to consuming foods that were the mainstay of the Paleolithic period.

While critics are quick to write off the Paleo Diet as another weight loss fad, Naturopath Jules Galloway and weight loss/fitness expert Candice Briggs say its success lies in the simple premise of “eating real food the way nature intended it.” “It is based on our ancient ancestors and how they ate, before processed foods, grains and even dairy products were introduced in to our diets via farming and agriculture around 10,000 years ago,” Candice said. “Given that our genes are still almost identical to that period of time, it makes sense that we should continue to eat accordingly – with a system that works effectively – to heal a broad range of mental and physical ailments in the modern day body.”

After running their first pop-up Paleo Health Retreat last year, the duo will again host a five-day event near Byron Bay starting on Thursday that will give participants the blueprint for sustained, long-term health and happiness. “A lot of wellness retreats are packed full of activities but most of them do not offer, nor put emphasis on, the continuation and implementation post-retreat getaway,” Candice explained. “Our focus is about healing health issues and maximising vitality and learning skills to live healthily with ease no matter how stressful and busy your schedule is.”

Held at a sumptuous beachfront location on Tallow Beach near Byron Bay, the Paleo Health Retreat program includes raw food cooking classes, movement and meditation sessions, and a series of healthy living workshops tailored to each participant’s needs. “Our meal plan is full of fresh, local produce and has been carefully balanced to boost energy levels and assist muscle recovery to help people reach their health and fitness goals faster,” Candice said. “Twice a day we also have down time where guests can either sink their heads in a book or their toes in the sand, soak up the serenity of our private garden, or experience an in-house treatment with some of Byron’s best remedial health practitioners.”

Paleo Health Retreat
March 6-10, 2015
Retreat Cost: 1 twin share room with ensuite is $2,479 while 1 quad share room with shared bathroom is $2,279 –  receive a 10% discount when you book with a friend. Book here
Day Pass Cost: $250 Book here
Numbers are limited and bookings essential
Email or call Jules on 0414 669 979 or Candice on 0422 752 234 for further information