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This Is Northern New South Wales

LisaG Photography

LisaG Photography
Got a gig or want to update you band images. I am available for local, national and international assignments. Get in touch and let's talk rock photography.
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Photography is a form of magic. Capturing ordinary and extraordinary moments that stand alone or are woven together to tell a story.
The story of Festival. A great night out. A celebration. A night out with your favourite band.

From sold out stadium shows to smoky basement gigs, compelling band portraits, or creative for a national campaign, if it rocks and rolls, I can photograph it.

I enjoy getting to know my subjects and working with them. It might be in a natural setting or something more stylised. By staying open to the possibilities and keeping it relaxed, the truly unique, memorable images emerge.
Telling stories and capturing moments through the lens began for me when studying photography in high school.
Years of working in the dark, capturing images of my favourite bands, has given me a special talent for shooting in low light.
You will usually catch me photographing local & international bands at local venues and at our biggest festivals in Northern NSW.
Take a wander through my work. The trail I walk with you may take us both somewhere entirely new. That’s why I love what I do.

Got a gig or want to update you band images. I am available for national and international assignments. Please get in touch and let's talk rock photography.

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