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This Is Northern New South Wales

30th Year of Woodford Folk Festival


Having just celebrated the 30th year of Woodford with record breaking box office sales, this year’s

festival saw more than 129,000 people in attendance. And what a way it was to celebrate the
coming of 2016….

With a huge diversity of artists and musicians hidden around each and every leafy corner, there was
something to delight and engage all the ages. Street performers mingled inamongst the circus tents,
art workshops, yoga sessions and multiple music villages, where you would find yourself stumbling
upon a micro-world of something new and inevitably fascinating.

Musically, Kim Churchill set a precedent on the main Amphistage on the Wednesday night, with
what can only be described as an incredible display of musical uber-energy that enchanted the
crowd from start to finish. His mix of folk-pop, combined with anecdotal references to Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan perfectly complimented the Woodford crowd, with his youthful enthusiasm engaging both the younger and older generations.
The Blues Town stage provided a constant supply of soulful, heart-felt musical exploration from the
likes of Lucie Thorn, Captain Dreamboat and Kellie Knight and the Daze, as well as some high energy
funking vibes from the awesome Cheap Fakes, Marshall Okell and the Pride and The Backsliders.
Boo Seeka, Tora and The Franklin Electric gave the festival its taste of modern electronica mixed with
indie vibes that satisfied the thirst of Woodfords youth in the Tropic tent, whilst Nattali Rize and
Dubmarine both lit up the Grande stage with their earthy, deep roots that transported the crowd
dancing deep into the night.
Stumbling, elated away from the magic of Michael Franti and into the Songlines tent, the angelic
sounds of Andrea Kirwin provided a warm, soulful resting place to sit back and soak up the festival’s
all-embracing atmosphere.
One thing is certain – as festivals go, Woodford is a shining light of magical, musical and artistic
stardom and I for one will be making it back for number 31.
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