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Artist Profile – Danni Carr

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Carrbelltindley2It’s a well known fact to anyone living locally that there is an abundance of talent constantly emerging from our beloved Byron Shire and surrounding areas. Consistent with our desire to share this talent we took some time to catch up with one of those acts that fly a little under the radar, but deserve the attention no less.

Introducing Danni Carr, formerly of Mr. Cassidy, but currently teaming up with fellow North Coast songwriters Sara Tindley & Ash Bell (Starboard Cannons) for a run of intimate shows that will see them perform around New South Wales and Victoria.

Danni started Mr. Cassidy in 2012 with Emily Owen, the wife of The Living End bassist Scott Owen. Having played together in Melbourne years earlier, they rekindled their desires to create music together during a meeting brought about by Danni’s husband Ash Grunwald jamming with Scott – Mr. Cassidy was born.

After a couple of EPs, some touring and a few festival slots, the duo decided to take a hiatus. Danni, keen to keep playing and performing music, started performing solo and would invite friends Ash Bell & Sara Tindley to perform with her on occasion.

Danni tells me that these shows take on a bit of a “songwriters night” type of vibe, the trio will chat a little about their songs, play them and each others’. When asked about the dynamic on stage when combining three lead musicians, she shares her thoughts that “you would think that there would be clashes, but none of us are big on ego. We’re all really good friends and we hang out and drink together. I think it’s more we’re all there supporting each other on stage”.

Musically of course, people are already familiar with and fans of the individual outfits. I ask a little more about the sound of the performance. “It just works – the three voices together. It comes with knowing each other’s voices, you know where things sit. When you come into three part harmonies, it just works”

Danni, Sara & Ash have a show together this coming Friday night at St Martin’s Hall in Mullumbimby, a chance to observe the three friends combining their talents for public enjoyment. (Tickets from

What about the future, are there plans for more of this?

“I’d love to but individually we’ll all be recording early next year. We’re planning on going down to Victoria and doing a show down there, but the two of them will be on my next EP for sure”

Does this mean the name Mr. Cassidy has been retired?

“I’m planning on writing more, recording a new EP soon, so we’ll see what happens”

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