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This Is Northern New South Wales

“Hubcap” at The Backroom

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“Hubcap” packed out the Backroom at the Northern on Thursday night drawing a crowd of true rock lovers. The atmosphere was full of anticipation and energy akin to the pub rock gigs that assisted in their initial rise into the band that became Grinspoon, toured the world and captivated a generation of Australian rockers. 

Seven Top 10 albums, 13 ARIA nominations, more than half a million records sold and a back catalogue that’s is a solid part of Aussie rock history, Grinspoon made the decision to take an indefinite hiatus. They have come together again to support Cold Chisel for seven shows in November and December as a part of Chisels One Night Stand Tour.

Great to see you back guys! here is what the night looked like though the lens.
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