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This Is Northern New South Wales

Ash Grunwald presents Gargantua!

 Ash Grunwald

Just three weeks ago, GARGANTUA was not much more than a distant thought, tap- tapping on the creative mind of Mr Ash Grunwald. It was a quiet idea but it was persistent. It softly projected the notion that somehow, maybe, two thirds of The Living End could be his band on more than just a single…the planets aligning perhaps so together they could bash out an entire album.

The formerly polite idea began to shout, on a Friday morning not that long ago, after Ash found himself in the somewhat unexpected position of performing live on Triple M Breakfast in Melbourne. He’d recently released his, Scott and Andy’s ripping cover of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ (which was meant to serve only as a beacon for Ash’s community to alert them of the upcoming national tour) but ‘Crazy’ had a different direction. Developing a life well beyond the borders of a loyal fanbase, ‘Crazy’ made it’s way out into commercial radio land, and took Ash with it. So as the snowball rolled, so did the idea and that very same afternoon Ash found his way to St Kilda’s Hothouse Studios with the lads from The Living End and amped up for a few hours of sonic exploration. Those hours turned into 6 straight days of recording that ended with an immense sense of excitement and an idea realized. With the encouragement and enthusiasm of Scott Owen and Andy Strachan, Ash Grunwald’s rock monster was welcomingly unleashed and GARGANTUA was born.

Comprised of two new and original tracks (involving CSG, Arnie and a take-no prisioners attitude), three vastly different cover songs and a handful of utterly off the hook reworkings of some of Ash’s biggest tracks, this album documents the findings of an unplanned experiment in altered methodology:

Ash Grunwald + Scott Owen and Andy Strachan = GARGANTUA

Thursday 4th July The Great Northern Hotel
35-43 Jonson Street, BYRON BAY
Tickets $25 + bf from
Doors open 8.30pm

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Additional Tour Dates:

Friday 5th July The Hi-Fi QLD
125 Boundary St, West End, BRISBANE
Tickets $30 + bf from the venue 1300THEHIFI (1300 843 443) & Doors open 8pm

Saturday 6th July Kings Beach Tavern QLD
43 Burgess Street, Caloundra, SUNSHINE COAST
Tickets $25 + bf from Doors open 8pm

Sunday 7th July Rabbit and Cocoon QLD
23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami, GOLD COAST
Tickets $25 + bf from
Doors open 4pm – afternoon / evening show ||