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This Is Northern New South Wales

Can you feel it?

Words and Photos by Sandii Cochrane

There’s a dewdropped spiderweb blinging in the suns brand new rays.

The smell of coffee stealthily sliding through half open windows.


The riotous guffaws of two kookaburras atop next doors tv aerial.

Doors and windows flung wide open to let our spaces breathe.

The weird feel and sound of your thongs after months out of practice.  Although it doesn’t take long to be thong-fit once again.

The faithful cocooning uggs are more inclined to make a guest appearance now.

Faded, hirsut, naked legs, critically assessed for intense maintenance regime.

Likewise, last Summer’s blow-up swimming pool.

The ritualistic scrub, detoxify and declutter of all things physical, emotional and mental, that is an urge too strong to ignore for too long.

The vibration of vacuum’s sucking, lawnmowers mowing. whippersnippers snippering, leaf blowers blowing, chain saws munching, mulchers mulching.
It can be felt through the ground if you concentrate hard enough.

The static of insects and other flying beasts greeting the twilight.

The increasing density of repellant armour, citronella pungence, wafting anti flying beast smoke….and onion on a BBQ.

The light is different…heavier, thicker.

As our splendid Common Ground twitches and unfurls itself from hibernation, Spring brings the whisper and whiff of Summer.

Can you feel it?