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This Is Northern New South Wales

Hit that Hit Bingo!

A pregnancy that introduces a new born human to the planet is a nine month cycle from conception to reception, there is time to adjust and grow with the journey. Sometimes in life you don’t even know you are pregnant till all of a sudden you are giving birth and find your new shoes have being soiled with a bloody placenta. Introducing HIT That HIT Musical Bingo to the Beach Hotel a few weeks ago is where I am drawing the increasingly awkard parallel.

I had been exposed to something similar while overseas recently and decided upon being blown away by its popularity to share it with my fellow compatriots upon arriving home. It is one thing to feel confident a concept will stick but another to physically go through with exposing to the public. You are unsure whether patrons will either giggle with excitement and froth on the fun, or put there hands up in the air and say ‘sorry me no comprende amigo’.

It is safe to say the risk has been worth it. The Beach Hotel took a gamble with a game never before played on Australian soil and each week since its debut in June the momentum has been building to where I can now see familiar faces re appearing each week for another chance to daub and win.

The game for those that haven’t played is ridiculously simple. You have a unique bingo card featuring popular songs from different decades and genres that have all been shaved to 45 seconds for economy.  You stamp off the songs as you hear them, get two lines in any direction and you win. There are bonus prizes for the Air guitar champ and Musical Statues winner.

The prizes each week are amazing thanks to Afends, Art Park, Skydive Australia, Legend Pizza, Bay Kebabs and Soul Bowl. its always free to play and there are even free drinks being thrown around.

To break your Musical bingo virginity, it’s most Wednesday nights (7 til 10pm).

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