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Sunday Safari with Sampology

Yep. You guessed it. Sunday Safari is on this Sunday at the Byron Bay Brewery for it’s Summer instillation, featuring Miami Horror, Dune Rats and Sampology. We got to get a quick insight into Audio/Video DJ Sampology’s world on the eve of what’s going to be one epic Sunday Safari in Byron Bay!

Oh of course, if you want tickets you can get them HERE. We also have two DOUBLE PASSES to giveaway, which you can enter HERE.

You’ve on your ‘Hell on Wheels’ tour! How is it going so far?
Great! I’ve done 4 shows out of the 16 & just wrapped up Newcastle & Hobart performances this weekend which were awesome! I love travelling around Oz so I really appreciate that I get to do it with my job.

Was supporting Salt N Pepa last weekend a bit of a highlight?
That was a really fun day, the Surecut Kids played before me as well and I’m good mates with them so it was definitely a great time hanging with them as well. The crowd was really mixed in terms of age as well as demographic which I’m a big fan of so the vibe was cool. The only negatives were that the sound wasn’t loud enough for Salt n Pepa and the one and only Spinderella wasn’t there!

You’ve created an Audio Visual experience as part of your DJ performance, how do you actually incorporate this into your live shows?
Instead of DJing with just audio, I DJ using Audio & Visual at the same time, synced together. So when I move the record backwards and forward, so does the audio & the visual at the same time. The set incorporates clips from TV/ Movies/ Youtube & beyond, there are no rules with what I use as long as it works and makes the crowd cheer/ laugh/ have a good time. It’s not a chin-strokey-arty kind of performance, it’s an AV party!

Do you feel this sets you apart from other artists in the same category?
Yeah I think so, it’s definitely a lot more extra preparation work than just doing a normal DJ set but the final outcome I think is totally worth it. Sometimes in the music scene it’s easy to follow what everyone else is doing but I’ve always tried to find my own thing and do it a bit differently.

With your Super Sounds EP released in April this year, how does it feel to have your own personal collection of tracks to share with the public?
This was my first EP to be released and I my only goal with it was to purely put it together and release it. It feels great and I’m really proud I did it and got to collab with Spoek Mathambo (SA) & Lady Chann (UK), it’s out now on Top Billin Records! I’ve just released ‘Hell on Wheels’ ft Kweeg G (Killa Kweens) & a remix package is coming out next week ft. Nick Thayer, Hoops, Mat Cant & Gabby.

Was DJing always something that you wanted to do? I know many kids these days see it as a career.
The first time I heard the Avalanches album ‘Since I Left You’ I wanted to find out how they put it together and at the same time I wanted to play it to my friends. It was a short time later I discovered that what I really wanted to do was DJ & produce.

Do you still get the chance to do any local gigs in your hometown of Brisbane?
To be honest I’m playing more in Sydney/ Melbourne than Brisbane at the moment even though I’m still living there. All this means is that when I do play I can put more effort into making it as special as possible.

What have been some musical highlights throughout your career?
The best thing about being able to do this as a career is being able to travel around the world and meet like-minded music people in each city. Taking the show to The UK & Europe last year & playing at Big Chill festival was a notable highlight.

Original Production by sampology

After the tour, what’s next on the agenda for Sampology?
I’m already putting together my next Super Visual tour for next year which has a pretty cool theme to it & I’m writing a collection of music around this Audio Visual show.

I know we’re all looking forward to the 18th so what can Byron Bay expect from your Audio Visual performances at the Buddha Bar on Sunday?
Over an hour of fun between the stage the screen and the dancefloor, you’ll see & hear TV/ Movie clips flipped in a pretty funny way using two turntables. To understand better how it works I’ve got cameras on the turntables, if you want to check out some of the clips go to

Sampology is playing with Miami Horror and the  Dune Rats this Sunday for Sunday Safari this Sunday at the Byron Bay Brewery. Get your tickets HERE via moshtix.

We also have two DOUBLE PASSES to giveaway, which you can enter HERE.