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This Is Northern New South Wales

The Sound of Love… He Said

After a massive few months on the road, M. Jack Bee finally comes home for his last show of the year!

This Friday at The Northern, all the stops will be pulled, compiling a list of rag-haggard players. His usual solo epic walls of noise have turned into even bigger walls of noise.

It’s a celebration of him finally printing to vinyl, and the limited waxy discs will be available on the night. The whole function of the vinyl was to give the two tracks he laid down with producer Dave Symes a home with integrity. The tracks ‘Sound Of Love/She Said’ were laid down live one rainy afternoon in a Newtown studio, and if there is one home for two songs, it’s a 7″ vinyl.

M Jack Bee – Sound Of Love by MuchoBravado

There will be tales from the road, whiskey soaked adventures, heartfelt lyrics and emotional bursts of musical interludes. Along for the ride is the lush as hell LITTLE CASINO and the ever quirky SWAMPRATT.

Doors on Friday are at 9pm. Cost $12. BE THERE!!!

If you want to win yourself a DOUBLE PASS, you can ENTER by visiting the Common Ground Facebook Page.