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Wolf & Cub Come To Town

Adelaide’s Wolf & Cub are heading to Byron Bay very soon. The guys have been busy recording, playing shows and getting ready to play some new music at the Beach Hotel on Wednesday FEB 1. Singer / Guitarist, Joel Byrne from the band had a chat to Common Ground about everything that’s been happening of late…

CG:  You’ve mentioned online there are some new songs coming soon. How’s that all going?
W&C: Real well actually, we’ve got about 15 or so that are decent and about 10 more that aren’t so you know, we’ve been busy.

CG: We see you’ve been starting to play some shows again recently. Are you trying out new tracks live? Will we hear some at the show in Byron?
W&C: Yeah we’ve hot a policy going with shows at the moment that required us to include a minimum of five new tracks in each set list. We’ve stuck to it so far so you’ll most likely hear five new ones, at least.

CG: Is there a new album in the works? What can we expect?
W&C: More of same, but better. We’ve been at it for a while now and we’re starting to master the subtle art of being a good band. The last record was a big step away from our first one, the new one feels a little bit closer to it, but it’s full of better songs, a lot better.

CG: Wolf & Cub has always had a very cool visual element to the band, Is this driven from the band & is this an important aspect to the band?
W&C: It’s always been important, from day one. We’ve had the same team acting as our art directors since we started and they’ve always strived to maintain a certain level of work that is of a high quality. Their is a collective desire to have a strong visual identity for the band.

CG: You’ve played in Byron a few times over the years, Any stories from past shows.
W&C: There are but, I think anything that I say could be incriminating for some members. It’s best to just, assume. We do always have fun in Byron, that I will admit.

Wolf & Cub play Elsewhere on the Gold Coast on Wednesday 25th of JAN and the Beach Hotel on Wednesday st of FEB. For all the details check out their Facebook Event

Science And Sorcery by wolfandcub