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This Is Northern New South Wales

They’ll Find You Thomas Franklin!!

They’ll Find You Thomas : Photo – Damien Watts

If your ever lucky enough to see Mr Thomas Franklin in action, he will bring a smile to your face with his expressive dance moves. No, he isn’t crazy or doing it for attention, the man is all about the music… So what do you think would happen when Byron Bay Inde-Rock band Polaroid Fame asked him to make a music clip?

This is what happened… Polaroid Fame’s new clip “They’ll Find You“.

Upbeat indie electro rockers Polaroid Fame call the streets of Byron Bay home, and have honed their impressive sound over the last couple of years. “Byron Bay is a very special place, with a lot of talented people, so I think it’s hard not to be inspired by everything it has to offer. Although our music isn’t your typical ‘coastal chill’ type music, growing up around the beach and surfing has definitely been an inspiration”, says frontman Frankie Kimpton.

Thomas has been coming to PF’s shows for a while and always dances up a storm. The boys thought who better to get down the beach and whip out some dance moves under very grey skies recently… Nick Prideaux was the man behind the lens and also edited the filmclip, with Frankie Kimpton playing a cameo.

Polaroid Fame is playing this Saturday Night (25th June) at the Beach Hotel, so we suggest getting down there to check them out, and maybe you’ll get to see Tommy carving the floor!