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This Is Northern New South Wales


Above and Below

The water in Byron Bay has been clear. Whales and dolphins are tracking along the coast. Pretty much every day of the week you will see a Whale migrating south. These selection of images by Craig Parry sum up the experience. The photo above recently… Read More »Above and Below

Boiling Waters – Alex Frings

These photos are a little teaser (plenty more here) of the last few days of the swell around Byron Bay. The surf’s been pumping, the water’s cleared up and autumn keeps busting out the colourful presentations of sunrise and sunset. I don’t need to tell… Read More »Boiling Waters – Alex Frings

Alex Frings April Recap

After recovering from a severe sinusitis I was dying to get back in the water. I “only” spent 4 days at the Tweed Hospital and two weeks in bed, but to me it felt like half a year. As I was still a bit shaky… Read More »Alex Frings April Recap