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This Is Northern New South Wales


People to know – Sammy Gowing

This week’s inspirational local in our “People to know” segment, is Australia’s leading Spa Chef, and all round top chick Sammy Gowing. I asked Sammy a few questions to allow you to peer a little further into her amazingly interesting and busy world. Enjoy! “I’m the daughter… Read More »People to know – Sammy Gowing

Shannon Smerdon – Chef

We all love food. It’s through our taste-buds we find joy, new experiences and travel to far off exotic places… without the airfare. Wizards of food are called Chefs. The Rock Stars of the culinary world. Their stage is the kitchen, welding knives like performing… Read More »Shannon Smerdon – Chef

Dedicated Coconut – Sam Gowing

The Grinning Face Back in the old days this tropical fruit was known as cocoanut, a term derived from16th century Portuguese and Spanish cocos, meaning, “grinning face” – because of the three small holes on its coconut shell. Approximately one third of the world’s population… Read More »Dedicated Coconut – Sam Gowing