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This Is Northern New South Wales

darius devas

Ocean Talk

Ocean Talk is a collaboration between Filmmaker Darius Devas and Caleb Graham and focus on the relationship between surfers and the ocean. The idea was to go beyond just beautiful images and get an insight into what makes these people tick and how they see… Read More »Ocean Talk


Award-winning young film director Darius Devas, and on/off again Byronite, has just released his ground-breaking experimental short ocean-art film Within, which is narrated by Guy Pearce. Inspired by the suicide of a childhood friend, Within is a remarkable exploration of human connection to the ocean and… Read More »Within

A Journey from ‘Within’

The world of Independent film… A tough road to make a buck from. It’s a canvas you can paint any picture on, but only a select few make a living from it. These days, the playing field has opened up with digital technology and many… Read More »A Journey from ‘Within’

Autumn in the Bay

Weekend Farewell : Byron Bay : Buy Print – image 030511_1 Easter has been and gone. Long weekends are a moment passed. The glory months are now beginning. A thunderous swell hit Byron Bay over the last three days, peaking yesterday during the Queensland long… Read More »Autumn in the Bay